Can a Stimulus Check Affect Asset Division in a Divorce?

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There is no denying that, in 2020, we are living in unprecedented times that seem to have changed just about everything. As such, it’s no surprise that the divorce process has also been affected[...]

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Divorce can bring out the very worst in people. Combine this with the fact that some people will go to great lengths to hold on to as much money as possible and you have a recipe for some truly unfortunate behavior. Yes, sometimes people will work very hard to hide assets because of an impending divorce[...]

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The process of filing for divorce in the State of Texas will vary slightly depending on the particulars of your situation. Overall, however, the process will definitely involve a substantial amount of paperwork and procedural hurdles that need to be overcome to successfully complete the process[...]

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Business owners have a unique set of circumstances when entering into a divorce. First and foremost, as a business owner, you will want to protect your business and your business interests in order to see it grow and survive well after your divorce[...]

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There are so many things to deal with during the divorce process. As you essentially work to restructure your life and reach a divorce agreement which divides your assets, please consider the long term effects of such an agreement [...]

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In this digital day and age, it seems like the internet has all of the answers. You can read volumes on divorce law. Divorce forms and documents are all online. You are probably wondering if you need to hire a divorce attorney at all[...]

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There are mandatory wait times in Texas to have a divorce finalized. This means that even an amicable divorce where you and your spouse agree on everything will still take a certain amount of time[...]

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Is property split 50-50 in a Texas divorce?

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Is property split 50-50 in a Texas divorce? Texas, like most states, treats property and assets obtained during a marriage as shared property, and it gives both spouses an equal right to it. But some[...]

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Avoid These Common Divorce Mistakes Divorce is not uncommon. Neither are some of the mistakes made in the divorce process. Save yourself some unnecessary hardship and avoid these common divorce mistakes. Doing so can lead[...]

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January is Known as “Divorce Month” January is a popular month for couples to file for divorce. Why? Perhaps it stems from the period of self-reflection that accompanies the start of a New Year. Perhaps[...]

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Divorce Checklist Life is busy. And complicated. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to throw us off course. When it comes to divorce, staying organized and on track is key — the divorce process itself can[...]

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Holidays and Parenting Time While the holiday season can be stressful for many, for parents who are divorced and sharing joint custody of their children, navigating time sharing around the holidays can be particularly challenging.[...]

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