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How Criminal Charges Can Affect Your Future Employment in Texas

Were you arrested and/or charged with a crime in North Texas? You are certainly not alone. The Sentencing Project estimates that approximately one-third of Americans have some form of criminal record. A criminal charge is a serious matter. Beyond the immediate implications, a charge can affect your future—including your long-term employment options. In this article, our Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer discusses the key things to understand about how criminal charges can adversely affect your future employment opportunities in Texas.

Many Employers Look Less Favorably on Job Candidates With a Criminal History

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) cites comprehensive data showing that job candidates who have a criminal record face a serious disadvantage in employment. In Texas, many employers are cautious about hiring individuals with a criminal history. Even when it is not justified, an employer may be concerned about the candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, or potential harm they could cause to the company’s reputation. It is a challenge that people faced with charges must consider.

You May Be Required to Disclose Criminal Records in a Job Application

Texas employers have the right to ask potential employees about their criminal history. While some cities have “ban the box” laws that prevent employers from asking about criminal convictions early in the hiring process, these protections do not cover most job-seekers in Texas. Failing to disclose a criminal record when asked could be grounds for sanction by an employer.

A Criminal Conviction Will Show Up in a Comprehensive Background Check

Many employers in Texas conduct background checks before finalizing employment decisions. Even if you do not disclose your criminal history on your application, a comprehensive background check will reveal past convictions. The discovery of a conviction can adversely influence an employer’s decision-making.

Criminal Convictions Can Disqualify You From Certain Professional Licenses

In Texas, several professions require licensing, such as nursing, law, and real estate. Licensing boards often have strict criteria regarding applicants’ criminal histories. Depending on the profession and the nature of the crime, a past conviction can hinder or even prevent you from obtaining the necessary license to practice.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights and Your Future

If you face criminal charges in Texas, it is vital to understand the potential long-term impacts on your employment prospects. Engaging a skilled Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference. Not only can they advocate for your rights during the trial, but they can also advise on expunging or sealing records, where applicable, to minimize future employment challenges.

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