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Divorce Consultation Questions: What to Ask the Attorney

Finding a lawyer is easy. Finding the right lawyer is not easy.

At first, finding the right family law attorney seems like a matter of searching Google. Texas has one of the highest number of lawyers per capita in the country. On the surface, all lawyers seem the same. After all, they all have the same basic educational background. But a closer inspection quickly reveals that not all lawyers are created equally. A few thoughtful questions help people separate the wheat from the chaff.

Most likely, no lawyer combines all four of the qualities listed below. But a good Fort Worth family law attorney exhibits most of them. Family law is a unique area of law in that attorneys must zealously represent their clients yet also be mindful of other parties in the case, mostly the children. Lawyers who do not understand this fundamental principle are destined to fail.


There is a reason most people look at experience first when they select a family law attorney. The first time you rode a bike, you probably crashed. You probably crashed other times as well, but with experience, the crashes become less common.

Experience is related to confidence. If you ride your bike all the way to school without crashing it, you believe you can do the same thing tomorrow. Since experienced attorneys use proven methods, they’re more likely to take the bull by the horns.

However, let’s not get carried away. Confidence is good, but overconfidence is bad. Attorneys sometimes rely on experience instead of hard work when preparing cases.

Furthermore, experience is only one quality on this wish list. Inexperienced lawyers are often effective lawyers. Not everyone crashes the first time they ride a bicycle, especially if they have thoroughly prepared for that moment.

On a related note, experience is meaningless unless that experience is paired with results. A losing basketball team that returns all five starters is an experienced losing team.


We didn’t put this quality first because a lawyer is not a washing machine. Cost is an important consideration, but certainly not the only consideration.

Furthermore, attorneys’ fees vary significantly among different Fort Worth family law attorneys. The law allows lawyers to set their own fees on a per-case basis, considering factors like:

We normally recommend that people select a mid-priced lawyer, if possible. A divorce or other family law case is no time to cut corners, but financial resources are usually scarce during such times.


As mentioned, family law is not like contract law or other areas of law. It is very difficult to shift gears. Therefore, good family law attorneys devote most of their time to family law. Divorce, child custody, and other such matters should never be a sideshow.

Professional diversity is important. Many lawyers who focus exclusively on a single area become single-minded in their approach. Family law is unlike criminal defense, but the two areas have many similarities.


If you buy a used car, ask the seller right off the bat why they want to sell the car. If they do not offer a good explanation, keep looking.

Likewise, when you meet an attorney for the first time, ask the attorney why they practice family law. If they do not have a satisfactory answer, that probably means the lawyer lacks passion for family law. Passion is the fuel that enables lawyers to prepare cases and get results. No one wants a lawyer who is running on empty.

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