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If you are facing a family law matter or criminal charges in the Fort Worth area, you want to seek help from a trusted legal professional. Attorney Kyle Whitaker has been representing clients in Tarrant County family and criminal courts for over 20 years and aggressively stands up for the rights of every client.

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Proudly serving Fort Worth Texas for over 20 years Experienced Fort Worth Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Kyle Whitaker

If you have a case and need to make sure you receive the best outcome possible, seek our assistance today.

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Family Law

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Criminal Defense

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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

As soon as you are arrested, you want a legal team on your side. Texas takes its criminal law very seriously, and defendants facing criminal charges also face harsh penalties if they are convicted. It is critical for your future to seek representation from an aggressive defense attorney. With experience as a former prosecutor, Kyle Whitaker has particular insight into the criminal justice system in Tarrant County, and our office can help with:

Divorce Attorney Fort Worth Texas

Divorce Attorney in Tarrant County

Divorce is one of the most complex types of family law cases, as it impacts your marriage relationship, finances, parental rights and responsibilities, and more. If you are facing divorce, you are likely concerned about what the future will look like, and our Fort Worth divorce attorney is here to guide you through this process.

We handle every aspect of the divorce process, including meeting all requirements under Texas law, Community Property Division, Spousal Maintenance, and Child Conservatorship and Support.

Whether your divorce is relatively civil or involves complex issues like child custody, domestic violence or adultery, we can handle the process. We seek to resolve matters for you out of court whenever possible, but we will not hesitate to represent you at trial if necessary to protect your interests.

If you are considering divorce, contact attorney Kyle Whitaker today.

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Family Law Representation

For many people, family is everything, and any situation that threatens the family situation can be emotionally stressful. When you have a case in family court, you need to protect your parental and financial rights under Texas law, and you need the right advocate representing you.

Fort Worth family lawyer Kyle Whitaker handles a wide range of family law matters, including:

Fort Worth Juvenile Defense Attorney

The criminal justice system can be even more stressful when a juvenile is charged, and parents should never hesitate to seek the right defense help for their child. Even if a case seems minor, you want to protect your child’s future and legal rights. Our office handles all types of juvenile crime cases in the Fort Worth area, and we can help whether your child is charged as a juvenile or an adult.

Juvenile Defense
Fort Worth Juvenile Defense Attorney
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Who Is On Your Side?

One of the most stressful aspects of dealing with a legal challenge is the sudden feeling that you’re all alone. It can seem as if the whole world has turned against you. Whether you are facing the prospect of divorce or dealing with another family law issue, or are fighting to prove your innocence in a criminal matter, it is essential to enlist skilled legal representation. When the stakes are high, you want an experienced attorney and aggressive advocate — someone who will focus on protecting you, your family and your future.

That is where we come in. Our legal team at the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker is here to help.

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