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Cyberbullying and Davids Law

Our Fort Worth family law attorney explains how, in the state of Texas, David’s Law has empowered schools and family members of cyberbullying victims to seek justice for their loved ones.

Bullying is a despicable act that can have devastating impacts on victims. In our technological age, it is increasingly common for it to occur online through texts and other electronic means. Sadly, reports of families suffering catastrophic losses as a result, are common. David’s Law represents the efforts of one family in fighting back and provides a legacy for other people facing this problem. Our Fort Worth family law attorney explains more about this law and the legal actions available.

David’s Law: A Lasting Legacy to Prevent Cyberbullying

David Bartlett Molak was a 16-year-old from San Antonio, Texas. By all accounts, he was a bright, fun-loving, and talented person, with a passion for a variety of hobbies and for performing service activities. Unfortunately, his personality changed over the course of several months as he was unrelentingly harassed and bullied by classmates both online and via texts. As a result, he tragically took his own life on January 4, 2016.

David’s death left his parents and two older brothers devastated. The reason for his passing and the fact that cyberbullying was to blame was particularly hard to take. They channeled their grief into starting David’s Legacy. It is a non-profit that raises awareness of the dangers of cyberbullying and advocates on behalf of victims and their families.

Through sharing their own story and what happened to David, the Molak family was able to get a new anti-cyberbullying law passed in Texas. Referred to as David’s Law, it allows for civil and criminal penalties for perpetrators of cyberbullying and associated activities.

Holding Cyber Bullies Accountable

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, cyberbullying involves using technology to intentionally harass, hurt, embarrass, or intimidate others. This can be through posting hurtful comments, photos, or videos online or through texts, creating webpages and memes against others, and doxing, which involves revealing personal information.

Cyberbullying is particularly common among teens, and David’s Law is designed to empower victims, their families, and school districts, where cyberbullying often begins. It helps hold cyberbullies accountable via the following:

Our Fort Worth Family Law Attorney is Here to Help

Cyberbullying can have devastating and potentially tragic consequences for victims and their families. If you or someone you love is victimized by any type of bullying behavior, get the legal help you need from the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker. We help put a stop to cyberbullying and hold perpetrators accountable. To request a confidential consultation, call 817-332-7703 or contact our Fort Worth family law attorney online today