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In this digital day and age, it seems like the internet has all of the answers. You can read volumes on divorce law. Divorce forms and documents are all online. You are probably wondering if you need to hire a divorce attorney at all[...]

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There are mandatory wait times in Texas to have a divorce finalized. This means that even an amicable divorce where you and your spouse agree on everything will still take a certain amount of time[...]

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While many people will use the terms DUI and DWI interchangeably, it is important to note that there are differences between them. In Texas, a DWI is an offense separate from a DUI. A DWI carries serious potential penalties[...]

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Texas DWI Laws


In Texas, you may face a DWI charge if you are found to be driving while intoxicated. Intoxicated means that you are not in normal control of your mental or physical faculties as a result of alcohol or drugs[...]

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Many people make the mistake of thinking a DWI case is black and white; either you are under the influence or not. When you hire a skilled Fort Worth DWI attorney, you will quickly learn that you have options and you just might have a defense for your case[...]

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Domestic violence is a common occurrence in Texas and the United States. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, domestic violence affects millions of people in the United States ever year. Due to the prevalence of domestic violence in the United States, Texas courts are required to consider evidence [...]

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Being married to an addict is never easy. It might have affected your marriage in a number of critical ways. In Texas, getting a divorce from an addict can have several legal implications [...]

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When two people separate or divorce, it’s rarely amicable. With such strong emotions for each other gone awry, there can be a lot of anger, bitterness, and resentment. When those same two people have children, they can lose sight of what’s important [...]

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Law enforcement officers who stop a motorist for suspicion of drunk driving may request a breathalyzer test of the individual. If the officer has probable cause, he or she may arrest[...]

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Is property split 50-50 in a Texas divorce? Texas, like most states, treats property and assets obtained during a marriage as shared property, and it gives both spouses an equal right to it. But some[...]

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Texas S.B. 1253: Interrogations and Interviews Law According to a report by the National Registry of Exonerations, approximately 60 percent of wrongful convictions over the last 25 years were the result of misconduct by law[...]

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Avoid These Common Divorce Mistakes Divorce is not uncommon. Neither are some of the mistakes made in the divorce process. Save yourself some unnecessary hardship and avoid these common divorce mistakes. Doing so can lead[...]

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January is Known as “Divorce Month” January is a popular month for couples to file for divorce. Why? Perhaps it stems from the period of self-reflection that accompanies the start of a New Year. Perhaps[...]

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Divorce Checklist Life is busy. And complicated. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to throw us off course. When it comes to divorce, staying organized and on track is key — the divorce process itself can[...]

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No Refusal & DWI As you gear up for the rapidly approaching holiday season, keep in mind that Texas’ “no refusal” program is in effect for Fort Worth and Tarrant County during the week of[...]

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Holidays and Parenting Time While the holiday season can be stressful for many, for parents who are divorced and sharing joint custody of their children, navigating time sharing around the holidays can be particularly challenging.[...]

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Texas Second Chance Bill And Nondisclosures Everyone makes mistakes. Usually, we try and learn from those transgressions and move on. When the mistakes involve breaking the law and result in a criminal record, it is[...]

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Litigation is not necessary to complete your divorce On behalf of Law Office of Kyle Whitaker posted in Divorce on Monday, March 13, 2017. Anyone, whether in Texas or elsewhere, who has been through the[...]

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On behalf of Law Office of Kyle Whitaker posted in criminal defense on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Texas has some of the harshest penalties for drunk driving in the country, and even if it is[...]

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Divorce and holidays: Keeping bah humbugs away This is the time of year when you probably start thinking about all the favorite traditions you share with your children during the holidays. Perhaps you’ve even ventured[...]

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How Will Body Cameras Impact Criminal Cases? The rise in national media attention around the ethics of law enforcement has prompted widespread changes in how police departments operate. Among the biggest changes is the rise[...]

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Adderall Convictions Being Overturned A snafu in the Texas legislation is causing Adderall felony cases to be dismissed across the state. Legislation changed what once was a felony possession charge to a misdemeanor while the[...]

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How Are Taxes Affected By Divorce? On behalf of Law Office of Kyle Whitaker posted in family law on Monday, August 29, 2016. Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Child[...]

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Can Spouses Continue Running A Business Together After A Divorce? Of the many layers that can add complexity to a divorce, one of the most challenging is when spouses own a business together. Dividing a[...]

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