Criminal Defense

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight For Your Rights

Do not let them put you behind bars, fine you or brand you with a criminal record without a fight. The law says you are innocent until proven guilty. That means the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime of which you are accused.

At the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker, we will hold the prosecution to its burden of proof. We will carefully examine every piece of evidence against you, find any flaws and attack them. We will strengthen your case with our own investigation of the charges against you. We will review the case from top to bottom. That includes looking at the initial arrest to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated.

Our job is to pursue the best possible outcome in your criminal defense case, and we have been doing that job for more than 20 years. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible after an arrest so we can immediately begin planning an aggressive defense strategy.

Defense Against Any Criminal Charges

Our attorneys defend people in Fort Worth, Southlake, Tarrant County and throughout the state of Texas against all misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Criminal charges often come in groups. Our experience allows us to handle complex cases in which drug charges are paired with gun offenses, fraud charges are paired with money laundering offenses, or other charges are stacked on top of each other. We are well-positioned to handle complex allegations involving organized crime or gang crimes.

We also handle a wide range of post-conviction matters, including pursuit of expungements and defense of probation violations.

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Representation From A Former Prosecutor

Our law firm’s founder, Kyle Whitaker, is a former senior prosecutor with firsthand insight into how our opponents operate. We have knowledge of their tactics and understand the factors important in deciding whether probation, deferred adjudication or dismissal are viable options. As trial lawyers, we are prepared to go beyond mere attempts at plea bargaining in order to protect your liberty against criminal charges.

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