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Fort Worth Stalking Defense Attorney

Representing Clients Charged with Stalking Offenses in Fort Worth

Many criminal charges stem from a single incidence of criminal activity, while other offenses require a pattern of activity. One offense that arises from a pattern of malicious behavior in Texas is stalking. Stalking allegations can stem from many different acts, though the acts need to be repeated for charges to apply. If you are arrested and charged with stalking in the Fort Worth area, you need defense representation as soon as possible.

Criminal defense lawyer Kyle Whitaker represents clients who are facing stalking charges, as well as charges for related offenses. Our law firm can handle every step of the criminal process, and we can also represent you if you are facing a separate case for a restraining order. You want to start on your defense as soon as possible, so do not delay in learning how the law office of Kyle Whitaker can help.

Proving Stalking Offenses in Texas

Each state has its own laws regarding stalking, and in Texas, stalking involves:

Many acts can be involved in stalking, though they all intend to cause fear or intimidation to the victim. Some acts include following someone, showing up at their home or work after they asked you not to, calling them, leaving them texts, emails, or voice messages, and more.

A stalking victim can be a former partner, an acquaintance, or even a complete stranger to the offender. Stalkers might act out of obsessive love or obsessive hatred for the victim, and they can even enlist the help of others to carry out their planned conduct. There are many different scenarios that might arise in a stalking case, which makes it easy for authorities to misinterpret certain behavior and wrongfully accuse someone of stalking.

Stalking Charges and Penalties

Many people do not realize just how serious stalking charges can be, as this can be a third-degree felony charge. If you are convicted, you might face the following penalties:

The penalties increase if you have a previous stalking conviction, and you could face up to 20 years behind bars in such cases.

A stalking conviction might also come with a restraining order and disqualification from many types of jobs. Once you have a felony on your record, you can feel the effects for a long time, including in your professional and personal life. It is important to prevent convictions whenever you can.

Contact an Experienced Stalking Defense Lawyer in Fort Worth

Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Kyle Whitaker mounts an aggressive defense in every case our firm takes on. We strive to get charges dismissed whenever possible, and we can also fight for an acquittal if you go to trial. Please call 817-332-7703 or contact us online if you have been arrested.