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Fort Worth Weapon Charges Attorney

Defending against Severe Weapons Charges in the Fort Worth Area

While Texas law allows many people to own firearms and other weapons, the law still prohibits people from possessing or using weapons in a reckless manner or for criminal purposes. In addition, some people are prohibited from possessing weapons at all, including people with felony convictions.

Some weapons charges are issued on their own, while others are in conjunction with other severe criminal allegations. No matter what your situation may be, it is critical to consult with a highly experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. You want to avoid a conviction whenever possible, and the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker can help fight for the best possible outcome. Call today for more information.

Types of Weapons Charges

You can face weapons-related charges for many reasons, and two of the most common are:

Commonly, weapons charges accompany other very serious allegations. In fact, the possession of a weapon will be a factor that escalates a charge to an “aggravated” offense in many situations. This is because having a deadly weapon - even if you do not use it - is considered to be an aggravating factor. Some relevant crimes that often involve weapons include:

Often, aggravated violent crimes are first-degree felonies. This means that because you possessed a weapon, you may face five to 99 years in state prison when, otherwise, the potential sentence may be much less.

When you face weapons charges in addition to other serious charges, you face the possible penalties for BOTH offenses if you are convicted. You need a lawyer who not only fully understands Texas weapons laws but who has extensive experience handling severe criminal matters.

Seek Help from an Aggressive Fort Worth Weapons Offenses Attorney Immediately

The Law Office of Kyle Whitaker defends against many different criminal charges, including weapons crimes and violent felony offenses. You need the strongest defense possible against your charges, so please contact the office online or call 817-332-7703 for as soon as you can if you are arrested and accused of a crime.