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First Steps After An Arrest

Steps To Take When Arrested in Fort Worth

Getting arrested can be extremely stressful, especially if you have never had a brush with the law before. It is important to realize that anything you do can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. Here are some of the first steps you should take:

Keep Quiet

You have the right to remain silent. Many criminal defense cases are lost simply because the person accused of the crime chose not to invoke that right. Do not make the same mistake. No matter how friendly the police seem, no matter how much they tell you they are on your side, do not answer their questions without an attorney present. You should be advised of your Miranda rights. Remember, whatever you say can be used against you.

While you should remain silent during your interactions with the police, it is important that you also do not talk to anyone else about your case. You never know who may come forward as a witness. The only person you should discuss your case with is your attorney.

Behave Yourself

This is a tough situation. You may be angry.

Do not lash out. Do not yell. Do not swear. Definitely do not get physical. None of these things will help you and the majority of them might end up hurting you. When in police custody or around police officers and prosecutors, you should follow orders. Of course, that does not mean incriminating yourself when asked questions. It simply means not fighting back. Save the fighting for the courtroom and let your lawyer do it for you.

Take Mental Notes

Staying calm and collected will help you remember the details of your arrest. The details may end up being extremely important, from exact times to the identities of other people at the scene. Keep in mind any witnesses who may help your case. In your interactions with the police, remember anything that may be a violation of your constitutional rights. How did the traffic stop occur? Was there a warrant? Your attorney will want to know about all of this, and it could impact your case.

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Get An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Fort Worth Texas

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