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Paternity Lawyer

Fort Worth Paternity Lawyer

The Law Office of Kyle Whitaker protects the rights of parents in Texas family law matters. Fathers should always receive equal protection regarding family law matters, and our Fort Worth paternity attorney is dedicated to helping clients with paternity cases and related issues, including child custody and support.

Paternity Cases

Paternity lawsuits aim to determine the identity of a child’s biological father. If parents are unmarried, there is no presumption of legal paternity of the child. While the mother automatically has parental rights, a father’s rights must be established by taking additional steps.

Paternity may be disputed between two parties, and a court may order a party to take a DNA test. The court may dismiss the case or make a determination that one party is the biological father of the child. After the court establishes that a party is the biological father of the child, then child support and child custody issues may be ordered.

Establishing Paternity

Texas law has slight variations that affect the paternity process, but the requirements for establishing paternity are similar in almost every jurisdiction. In Texas, a husband is presumed to be the child of the father if the parents were married when the child was born. If the parents were not married at the time of the birth, then paternity must be sought through the legal system.

Parents can file a notice of intent to claim paternity with the Texas Department of State Health Services. This request may be denied by the child’s biological mother, and you may have to use the legal process to establish that you are the child’s father.

Paternity suits in Texas may be filed at any point in time after the child’s birth by the father or the mother of the child. Fathers often file claims because they want custody rights, and a mother might file a case to obtain child support. There are many benefits to the child in knowing who their legal father is and establishing that legal relationship through the courts.

If one party contests paternity, the court will order a DNA test to resolve the matter. Then, the court will need to set out guidelines for conservatorship of the child, as well as possible child support payments from one parent to the other.

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