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What is the Punishment for Theft in TX?

In Texas, an individual has committed theft when they take someone else’s belongings without the consent of the owner or any legal justification to do so, and during the incident, the individual had no intention of giving back the stolen property to its owner.

Texas has general theft laws that encompass a wide variety of theft-related offenses, including:

Similar to most states, theft offenses in Texas are categorized based on the stolen goods’ value or the specific type of goods that were taken. A theft offense could be a felony or misdemeanor, and besides possible jail time and costly fines, judges could order the perpetrator to compensate the victim for their theft-related losses.

Theft Penalties in TX

Enhanced Penalties for Theft in TX

In Texas, the penalties for theft offenses is raised to the next level or degree of offense, such as from second-degree felony to first-degree felony theft, if one or more of the following applies to the theft offense:

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