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Defending Clients Facing Battery Charges in the Fort Worth Area

Some states separate “assault and battery” into two different criminal offenses. Assault can refer to threats of harm, as well as offensive contact, though battery generally refers to contact that is offensive or causes harm. In Texas, assault and battery is charged as simply “assault,” though there are different degrees of assault charges depending on the circumstances. In many cases, if a battery (physical contact) and harm occurred, the charges and possible penalties can be significantly more serious.

If you have been accused of assault and battery, you want to speak with an experienced Fort Worth battery lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Office of Kyle Whitaker handles cases involving battery allegations among many other offenses, so please contact our office directly today for assistance.

Criminal Charges Stemming from Battery

Assault and battery charges can arise if any of the following are alleged:

The degree of charge that is issued will depend on the circumstances involved. For example, charges might include:

Class C misdemeanor charges - For threats of harm or offensive or provocative contact.

Class B misdemeanor charges - For threats or offensive contact that took place against a sports participant or in regard to a sports performance.

Class A misdemeanor charges - For causing bodily injury to another person or offensive contact with an older adult.

Third-degree felony charges - For the above acts against a public servant carrying out their official duties, someone in a domestic relationship, a person working for family services agencies, a security officer doing their job, or emergency services personnel during an emergency response.

Second-degree felony charges - For assault against someone in a domestic relationship if the defendant has a prior domestic assault conviction and the assault involved choking or strangulation. Aggravated assault is also a second-degree felony in many cases, which involves either causing serious bodily injury to someone or using a deadly weapon during the assault.

First-degree felony charges - For aggravated assault against someone in a domestic relationship or a police officer, public official, security guard, emergency worker, informant, witness, or similar individual.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Battery convictions can come with serious penalties, including time in jail or prison, fines, and more. You might also have a protective order issued against you, and you might end up with a criminal record. Having a record can impact your career and reputation for years.

The right defense lawyer can help in many ways, including:

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