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New Texas Firearm Laws for 2021

On September 1, 2021, a new law stemming from House Bill 1927 took effect in the State of Texas. This law overhauled Texas firearm rights and possible criminal penalties, and now, most Texans over the age of 21 can carry a handgun in public - openly or concealed - without a license or mandatory firearm safety training. For this reason, the possible charges under our state’s unlawful carry statute significantly changed.

As with most laws, there are exceptions to new handgun carry rights, and these exceptions can still lead to criminal firearm charges. You should seek Fort Worth criminal defense assistance right away if you are accused of a handgun carry violation.

Prohibited People

Both federal law and Texas law prohibit certain people from possessing and/or carrying firearms. These include:

Prohibited Places

There are also places where it is unlawful to carry a handgun, even if you are allowed to carry firearms elsewhere. These include:

Other Prohibitions

Some additional exceptions to the permitless carry law include:

Expungement of Prior Convictions

Because unlicensed carry is no longer unlawful under most circumstances, anyone with a conviction for unlawful carry due to not having a license can apply to have their record of that conviction expunged. Note that unlawful carry convictions involving circumstances that are still unlawful (such as possessing a firearm while under a restraining order) are not automatically expungeable under HB 1927. Discuss your options with an experienced defense attorney.

Discuss Your Situation with a Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you face allegations of unlawful carry or want to learn more about a possible expungement, reach out to the law office of Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Kyle Whitaker right away. We defend against all types of criminal charges, including firearm charges. Contact us to set up an appointment and discuss your case, so we can begin determining the best course of defense for you.