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Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You in a Criminal Case

Our Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys explain how social media posts provide evidence in your case and the increasing role social media posts play in securing convictions.

For many of us, posting on social media is a daily part of our lives. We post status updates detailing our whereabouts and plans, along with pictures showing us engaged in various hobbies and activities. Unfortunately, this can have major ramifications in terms of protecting your privacy. 

Your online activities can provide evidence for police and prosecutors to use against you in criminal court proceedings. Our Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys explain how your posts could play a role in obtaining a criminal conviction.

How Police Use Social Media Posts in Conducting Criminal Investigations

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are one of the first places police look in conducting investigations. Status updates, photos, hashtags, and posts in which you are tagged by others can all be used to build a criminal case against you in Fort Worth.

Information social media can provide law enforcement regarding involvement in alleged criminal activity includes:

How Social Media Posts Can Be Used in Criminal Prosecutions

According to the American Sociological Association, social media is having a significant impact on the criminal justice system. In addition to providing information to police, it can help prosecutors obtain a conviction.

In some situations, social media posts can be used in court. A common example is when someone faces charges of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. According to a Huffington Post report, several years ago, a 22-year-old woman posted “2 drunk 2 care” on Twitter just moments before a crash that resulted in the death of two girls. The tweet provided evidence for prosecutors and helped secure a conviction, for which she received a prison sentence of 24 years.

Discuss Your Case With Our Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney

Social media posts can be used against you, both by police in pressing criminal charges and by prosecutors, to secure a conviction. At the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker, we protect your rights in this situation and provide the fierce legal representation you need. To discuss your case, call 817-332-7703 or contact our Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys online today.