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Can You Carry a Knife on You in Texas?

Texas law regulates the carrying of weapons - not just firearms but also knives. Knives are also deadly weapons, so the law addresses when people may and may not lawfully carry certain types. There are two categories of knives under the law:

The law places limitations on location-restricted knives in Texas with potential penalties if you violate these limitations. If you are accused of unlawful carry of a knife, speak with a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney immediately.

Carrying a Location-Restricted Knife

There are no regulations prohibiting Texans from the concealed carry of knives or the carry of knives with blades of 5.5 inches or fewer. However, there are some limitations on larger knives.

First, minors under age18 cannot purchase location-restricted knives, and people are prohibited from selling these knives to minors. Minors also cannot carry this size of a knife if they are not:

For adults age 18 and over, it is lawful to carry a knife in most places throughout Texas, whether open or concealed carry. As the name suggests, however, “location-restricted knives” are prohibited from being carried in certain locations. Such locations include:

If someone open carries a location-restricted knife in a restricted location, they can be arrested and face criminal charges.

In most cases, this offense is a Class C misdemeanor, which can mean fines up to $500. While you cannot receive a jail sentence for this degree of charge, a conviction will still go on your record and can impact your life in different ways. If you have a location-restricted knife on school premises, it becomes a felony offense, and the penalties include up to ten years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

Let a Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

The Law Office of Kyle Whitaker knows that knife laws are confusing, and we are ready to defend against knife-related charges. If you’ve been arrested, please contact us or call 817-332-7703 to learn how a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer can help.