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How Does Moving Out Affect Divorce?

Divorce is usually an incredibly trying and overwhelming time for the divorcing couple and any kids involved. Depending on your situation, you may be looking forward to moving out of the marital home as soon as you can but are also worried about how it may affect the impending divorce.

In most cases, consulting with a Texas divorce attorney before making this major decision is best because moving out may seriously hurt your divorce case. In this light, consider these crucial factors before packing up and moving out.

Moving Out May Affect Child Custody Matters

When you live with your kids, you naturally interact and spend time with them daily. When you move out, however, you’ll have less time with your kids. It’s vital that you make child-related arrangements with your spouse before moving out, preferably through a temporary court order, before moving out.

Not having a custody and parenting time schedule may also lead to unnecessary costly payments and problems with getting fair custody during the divorce. If you and your spouse don’t have a plan in place or a court order before you move out, you risk being denied adequate time with them.

Additionally, depending on your financial situation, you may not have enough space for your kids at your temporary housing for overnight stays. This could hurt your chances of gaining equal child custody. You may also have to start paying child support before the divorce has even been finalized.

Moving Out May Affect Your Finances

For most married couples, the marital house is their biggest asset. If you and your spouse bought your home while you were married, it would be considered marital property, meaning that both of you have equal rights to it. Because of this, you might feel like it’s fine for you to move out since you can’t possibly lose out on your share of the property. But moving out early on in the divorce process can result in other financial complications.

For example, if you are moving out early and you are the primary earner in the family, meaning that you mostly pay for the household bills, among others, the court may initiate a status quo order. This will require you to continue paying the household expenses as you did before your divorce. Consequently, you may end up paying the bills for two households when you move out.

Reach Out to a Skilled Fort Worth Divorce Attorney Now

In most cases, the best way to avoid the potential pitfalls of moving out too early is to stay put and stick it out. You will not lose time away from your kids and save more money by just maintaining one household. In addition, having constant communication with your soon-to-be ex-spouse will help with negotiating the divorce issues.

On the other hand, not all divorcing couples can stay together once they decide to get divorced. If moving out is your only option, contact the law office of Kyle Whitaker before doing anything. Our skilled Texas divorce attorney can make financial and custodial preparations that will suit your needs and protect your rights. Reach us online or call 817-332-7703 to arrange your appointment today.