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Are You Required to Take a Parenting Course During a Texas Divorce?

Our Texas divorce attorneys explain when parenting courses may be required and the issues they help address.

Going through a divorce in Fort Worth is never easy. It is particularly difficult when there are children involved. You may have heard of other people getting a divorce who had to go through parenting classes. These are not required by law but may be ordered at the judge’s discretion. Our Fort Worth divorce attorneys explain why you might have to attend parenting classes in Texas and the issues they are designed to address.

When Parenting Classes May Be Required in Texas Divorce Cases

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce and have children, child custody is one of the most important issues to resolve in your case. The court’s top priority is making sure the best interests of children are protected and generally encourages custody arrangements that allow both parents to remain active and involved in the child’s life.

In making these arrangements, the judge considers a variety of factors. This includes the ability of each party to provide practical care and nurturing the child needs, as well as their ability to cooperate with each other in implementing parenting plans. Parenting classes are not uniformly required but may be ordered in certain situations. 

Under Texas Family Code § 105.009, completion of the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course may be required before any final child custody order is issued. Reasons for this include:

What to Expect in Fort Worth Divorce Parenting Classes

While you may resent being ordered to attend classes, co-parent education in Tarrant County is a win-win situation for everyone. It helps you, your former spouse, and your children successfully navigate what is likely to be one of the most difficult times of your life. These are conducted by licensed professionals approved through the Texas Family Court and may be held either online or in person. Topics addressed include:

Our Fort Worth Divorce Attorneys are Here to Help

If you are considering a divorce and have concerns about how it will impact your children, reach out to the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker. Our Fort Worth divorce attorneys are here to help and provide trusted legal guidance concerning child custody. Call 817-332-7703 or contact us online and request a consultation today.