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What is the Role of a Mediator During a Divorce?

Considering or preparing for a divorce? It can be an emotionally challenging, draining experience. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, and 48% of first marriages end in divorce within 20 years.

Mediation may be the best legal option to resolve your divorce in a low-conflict, amicable, and cost-effective manner. In this blog post, our Fort Worth family law attorney highlights the key things to understand about the role of a mediator in a divorce in Texas.

What is Mediation in a Divorce in Texas?

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that is used to bring parties to a dispute—including divorce or another type of family law matter—together with the goal of working towards a mutually agreeable resolution in their case. In Texas, mediation is a commonly used alternative to the traditional court process.

Why is it so popular? Mediation can provide a less adversarial and more cost-effective approach to resolving divorce-related issues, such as child custody, property division, and spousal support. The mediation process involves a neutral third party, called a mediator, who facilitates discussions and negotiations between the divorcing spouses.

Understanding the Role of a Mediator in a Texas Divorce

A mediator is a neutral professional who helps divorcing couples reach an agreement on various issues. To be clear, this means that their role is not to make decisions for the parties or to advocate for either side. The mediator’s primary responsibilities include:

Divorce Mediation is Flexible and Non-Binding

One of the key advantages of divorce mediation is its flexibility. The process can be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each couple. Parties are free to negotiate and propose creative solutions that meet their unique requirements. The mediator can always adapt their approach and techniques to facilitate more effective communication and problem-solving. If you are going through a divorce in North Texas, a Fort Worth divorce attorney with mediation experience can help.

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