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Cybercrimes and Juveniles: What Parents Need to Know

We live in a digital world. With the rise of technology has come an unfortunate rise in the rate of cybercrimes. As defined by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), cybercrime is “an act that violates the law, which is perpetrated using information and communication technology.

It is no secret that teenagers are often more computer-savvy than their parents. With that in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that they can end up getting themselves in serious trouble. In this article, our Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer highlights the key things that parents need to know about the rise of cybercrimes among juveniles.

Internet and Technology is Driving a Rise in Youth Crimes

The anonymity and accessibility of the Internet can facilitate various unlawful and improper activities. As digital platforms become more ingrained in daily life, young people are exposed to a lot of new risks. Many parents are rightfully concerned about the potential trouble that their child could end up in. Indeed, teenagers in Texas can be both victims and perpetrators. There is clear and overwhelming evidence of a trend of teenagers facing cyber-based criminal issues. The problem highlights the need for updated legal frameworks and new educational programs that address internet safety.

An Overview of the Most Common Cybercrimes Charges Facing Juveniles

Cybercrimes come in a wide range of different forms. Some are brought under Texas law, others are federal crimes. Some are charged as misdemeanors; others are serious felony offenses. Some of the most common cyber-related charges brought against juveniles include:

Is Your Child Facing a Cybercrime Allegation? Three Steps to Take

Are you a parent who is a teenager or a child who is facing any type of cybercrime allegation in Texas? If so, it is imperative that you take proactive steps to protect their rights, their freedom, and their future. Here are three essential steps that you need to take:

  1. Take a moment to breath and understand the specific allegations;
  2. Consult with a top-tier Texas juvenile defense attorney; and
  3. Gather evidence, prepare a case, and determine the best path forward.

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At The Law Office of Kyle Whitaker, our Fort Worth juvenile criminal defense attorney is a skilled and experienced advocate for teenagers. Is your child facing a cybercrime crime allegation? We are here to help. Contact our criminal defense team for a strictly private consultation. We defend juvenile cybercrime charges in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, and all across North Texas.