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What is The Main Reason You Need an Attorney

Criminal and family law matters may be the most trying times in life. Attorneys help clients endure these hardships.

Most people immediately see the need for a good lawyer in a serious criminal case, like murder, or a high-stakes family law matter, like a high-asset divorce. In less serious matters, however, the need for legal representation doesn’t seem as compelling. They reason that first-time offenders facing misdemeanor charges rarely go to jail, and simple divorces are, well, simple. Frequently, these individuals fail to consider the collateral consequences of such proceedings. More on that below.

So, you need a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights in any criminal case. A misdemeanor conviction could mean up to a year in jail. Prosecutors, who only care about the scoreboard (convictions and long sentences), eagerly take advantage of unrepresented defendants. You also need a Fort Worth family law attorney to guide an uncontested case through the system. Otherwise, it could be tied up in court indefinitely.

Defense Lawyer

In a nutshell, you need an attorney to protect your rights in criminal proceedings. Judges and opposing lawyers care nothing about your rights.

Usually, a successful criminal defense is a process that begins with jail release and ends when the judge officially closes the book on the case. A Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer is an important partner at every stage.

If the defendant awaits trial behind bars, a lawyer is behind the eight ball. Unless a lawyer can freely meet with a client, a lawyer cannot thoroughly investigate a case, Furthermore, incarcerated defendants cannot contribute to their own defenses, at least in any meaningful way.

So, attorneys work to get defendants out of jail. They also work to keep them pit of jail by securing the least burdensome release conditions possible.

Post-conviction relief usually includes probation revocation matters, probation modification matters, and record expungement.

Judges are quick to send probation violators to jail or prison, reasoning that probation didn’t work and the matter requires stronger punishment. Attorneys challenge the evidence in these cases and successfully resolve them, usually out of court. Texas judges have considerable discretion to modify or even end probation at any time. When probation ends, expungement and sealing keep the matter from staining the defendant’s permanent record.

Family Law Attorney

A Fort Worth family law attorney protects your legal and financial rights in a divorce or other family law proceeding. As mentioned, lawyers also expedite cases, enabling everyone to move forward with their lives.

Once again, a successful resolution begins with a solid foundation. Most people have several legal options. Family law, child support, and child custody modification and enforcement are a good example. Only a lawyer knows how to try the easy way first and obtain a long-lasting, cost-effective solution. Usually, aggressive lawyers get things done.

However, lawyers must not be overly aggressive in these situations. Most judges assume that parents who hire “bulldog” lawyers will be uncooperative when court supervision ends.

Furthermore, bulldog lawyers are often unapproachable. An attorney must be more than a good advocate. A lawyer should give clients solid legal advice and guide them through the complex family law process in Tarrant County.

Work With a Savvy Tarrant County Defense and Family Lawyer

A partnership with a lawyer is an investment that almost always pays off. For a free consultation with an experienced Fort Worth family law attorney, contact the Law Office of Kyle Whittaker. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we start working for you.