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3 Reasons Not to Talk to the Police

Regardless of whether you’ve been detained, imprisoned, arrested, or feel like you can’t just walk away from a cop, it’s important to know that you generally don’t have to answer the questions that a police officer is asking you. However, keep in mind that there are specific circumstances in which you will need to give your name if asked to identify yourself.

Likewise, you have to respond if you get pulled over in traffic for a violation, and the police officer asks to see your driver’s license, vehicle registration, etc. Aside from these exceptions, you likewise can’t be punished, detained, or arrested if you refuse to talk to a police officer. In this light, here are three reasons not to talk to the police.

1. You Have The Right to Remain Silent

Your 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination will protect you from becoming a witness against yourself. Likewise, take note that all statements that you make during custodial questioning cannot be used against you if the interrogator or the police have not read your Miranda Warnings. Your Miranda warnings or rights, including your “right to remain silent,” give you the legal right to not answer the police’s questions. But remember that you need to invoke this right after getting arrested or once you are in police custody.

2. You Do Not Know the Facts of the Investigation

It is extremely dangerous to give any information to the police, even if you have not committed an offense, because you don’t know the specific facts of the case. Likewise, you:

Consequently, your statements, combined with flawed witness testimonies, so-called expert accounts, and a dash of bad luck, could result in you being convicted of a crime. So make sure to assert your right to have a lawyer, remain silent, and wait for your lawyer before saying anything.

3. You Don’t Know How Your Statements will be Interpreted

Even honest statements by an innocent individual could be a huge problem because you just don’t know how cops will interpret what you say. For instance, your statements could contain even the most minor inconsistencies or inaccuracies that the prosecution could use against you. So even if you’ve already talked to the police, refrain from answering any more questions until your lawyer arrives.

Call an Experienced Fort Worth, TX, Criminal Defense Attorney Now

Besides invoking your right to remain silent and saying that you want a lawyer, never talk to the police—period. Put simply, if the police want to interrogate you after your arrest or while detained, don’t tell them anything. Call the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker as soon as you can and only talk to the police when our Fort Worth, TX, criminal defense attorney is present. You can reach us at 817-332-7703 or by filling our online form.