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House of Representatives Vote on Marijuana

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For the first time, a chamber of the United States Congress held a vote on whether to decriminalize low-level marijuana possession at the federal level, and the bill passed in the House of Representatives[...]

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Were You a Victim of an Illegal Search During a Traffic Stop?

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Many criminal cases begin with a traffic stop. Police officers might pull over a driver suspected of speeding or another traffic violation, and they might end up searching the vehicle [...]

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There are increases in different crimes in Texas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including fraud, shoplifting, violating state safety orders, and more. The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently communicated to all of its U.S[...]

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The DPS stated it does not have enough funding or capacity to handle low-level cases, so they will not be testing these products for THC levels. This means that prosecutors cannot prove whether a substance is illegal marijuana or legalized hemp[...]

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The age of the internet has created new opportunities for people to harass or seek revenge on former intimate partners or other parties[...]

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Texas law sets out many different criminal offenses, several of which involve taking property or money that is not yours[...]

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Getting pulled over is always a stressful experience, and your stress levels can shoot through the roof if the officer starts suspecting that you might be intoxicated[...]

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Knowingly putting someone else at risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) without their knowledge is morally wrong[...]

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As the internet and social media have become daily parts of our lives, the criminal justice system has adapted to allow evidence from social media sites to be admissible in criminal cases[...]

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A theft is considered to be taking property without the consent of the owner with the intent to deprive the owner of the property. What particular charge applies to a theft varies depending on the circumstances and specifics of the situation [...]

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No Refusal & DWI As you gear up for the rapidly approaching holiday season, keep in mind that Texas’ “no refusal” program is in effect for Fort Worth and Tarrant County during the week of[...]

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Texas Second Chance Bill And Nondisclosures Everyone makes mistakes. Usually, we try and learn from those transgressions and move on. When the mistakes involve breaking the law and result in a criminal record, it is[...]

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On behalf of Law Office of Kyle Whitaker posted in criminal defense on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Texas has some of the harshest penalties for drunk driving in the country, and even if it is[...]

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How Will Body Cameras Impact Criminal Cases? The rise in national media attention around the ethics of law enforcement has prompted widespread changes in how police departments operate. Among the biggest changes is the rise[...]

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Adderall Convictions Being Overturned A snafu in the Texas legislation is causing Adderall felony cases to be dismissed across the state. Legislation changed what once was a felony possession charge to a misdemeanor while the[...]

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