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Family matters such as divorce, alimony, child custody, or other family situations are personal in nature and can be emotionally-charged. They create stress for those involved and, in some cases, cause financial worries. Understanding the laws that address these situations can be challenging. At times like these, experienced legal counsel can alleviate the stress of the unknown, and work through the legal process with you to achieve the best possible outcome. The compassionate Southlake family lawyers at the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker are understanding, experienced, and knowledgeable in all areas of Texas family law.

Areas of family law

Family law covers several situations, including but not limited to the following:

Most family laws are similar from state to state but there are exceptions.

Divorce in Texas

The legal requirements for a divorce in Texas include state residence for a minimum of six months. Texas allows for no-fault divorce, meaning that neither spouse is required to prove that the other party is at fault for the divorce. A couple can cite differences and an inability to reconcile. Other grounds for divorce in Texas include legal separation, abandonment, adultery, cruelty, conviction of a felony, or confinement in a mental institution.


Spousal support – also referred to as alimony – is a common component in the divorce process. As in most states, Texas law provides for the possibility of alimony after divorce. However, whether alimony is granted and the amount of spousal support that is required varies depending upon the individual circumstances of the case. The spouse that is requesting alimony must establish their eligibility for spousal support and demonstrate that they are unable to support their minimum reasonable needs.

Child custody

Texas laws regarding child custody comply with the Uniform Child Custody Act. Child custody is referred to as “conservatorship” in the state of Texas. In child custody cases, the parents may submit a parenting plan – a proposed schedule for custody and visitation – with the court. If such a plan is not submitted, the Texas court will choose the child custody arrangement. As in other states, Texas courts consider the child’s own wishes in determining custody in addition to considering other factors.

Protective orders

Texas, like other states, has laws in place to protect individuals from abusive partners or other individuals who may attempt to cause harm. Protective orders laws in Texas provide for both temporary protective orders for a maximum period of 20 days or general or “restraining orders” that provide protection for a period of up to two years. Individuals violating a protective order may face jail time and/or a monetary fine.

Family court cases are challenging, so rely on our Southlake family lawyers to guide you

Divorce, alimony, child custody, parental rights, and other family matters are personal and emotional matters. If you are considering divorce, are in a child custody battle, or are facing another family situation, do not try and face these alone. The Law Office of Kyle Whitaker in Southlake understands how painful and frustrating family matters can be and we work with you every step of the way to resolve your situation and reach the best possible outcome. To schedule a confidential consultation with a member of our team, contact our office at 817-332-7703 or online.