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Southlake Drug Crimes

Southlake Drug Crimes Attorneys

Staunch defense against drug charges

At the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker , our experienced Southlake drug crimes attorneys defend individuals against misdemeanor and felony drug charges. With more than 20 years experience, we understand what it takes to mount a solid defense against drug charges in Texas. In addition, we understand the pain and stress drug charges can cause to you and your family. Therefore, whether you’ve been charged with the possession, sale, or manufacturing of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, or other illegal drugs, our experienced drug crimes attorneys ensure you receive the best legal defense possible.

What kind of charges do we defend against?

Our drug crimes attorneys have experience in defending a variety of drug charges, including:

No matter what type of drug crime you’ve been charged with, we can help. Allow us to put our more than 20 years of criminal law experience to work for you today.

What sets us apart from other law firms?

At the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker, our lawyers understand the confusion and stress criminal charges can cause. Therefore, we approach your drug crime case with compassion, understanding, and patience. Unlike other firms, we give our clients personal attention, remaining responsive and available at all times. When you choose us to handle your drug crime case, you can rest assured you’ll always have our full attention and support. In addition, we are aggressive litigators with a proven record of success. Our extensive experience has resulted in a unique understanding of the Texas criminal justice system, giving us an edge that simply can’t be matched.

If you are facing drug charges, our drug crimes attorneys fight for your rights and your freedom

At the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker, our drug defense lawyers have the knowledge and legal savvy you need when facing serious drug charges. During our time as criminal defense attorneys, we have earned a reputation of being trial-ready, aggressive, and successful in our representation. Our founder, attorney Kyle Whitaker, is a former prosecutor with firsthand knowledge of the ways prosecutors operate. Therefore, you not only have the advantage of being represented by someone who “knows the ropes,” but you also enjoy the benefits being backed by a team of aggressive, skilled attorneys who are well-known in the Tarrant County judicial system. If you are facing drug charges, please call 817-332-7703, or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.