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Does Criminal Activity Increase During the Holidays?
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Does Criminal Activity Increase During the Holidays?

The National Crime Victimization Survey of the Census Bureau says that two types of crimes commonly increase in December: robbery and personal theft. Since these are both property crimes when people have a lot of Christmas presents in their homes and on their porches, this isn’t surprising.

Causes for Holiday Season Crime

Experts focus on two causes for the increase in holiday season crime. First, many people may experience financial desperation during the holidays and then resort to crime to solve their problems. On the other hand, many people are carrying lots of holiday gifts and cash to buy more gifts, creating a virtually irresistible temptation for the opportunistic thief.

There is also some indication that cybercrime increases during the holidays, probably for the same reasons as traditional property crimes. In other words, people spend a lot of money online during the holidays. And it should be noted that it leads to many packages left vulnerable to porch theft as well.

Yet another common criminal charge during the holidays is driving while intoxicated (DWI). Many people have drinks during holiday celebrations, and some of them choose to drive home. Police officers are watching for drunk drivers during this season, and they are ready to make DWI arrests. Often, officers might be overzealous and arrest people when there is insufficient evidence they are intoxicated.

What If I Am Accused of Holiday Crime in Texas?

There is no doubt that an arrest and criminal charges will put a damper on your holiday season. You likely have many concerns about what will happen and what penalties you might face. The first thing you need to do in this situation is to call a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer.

The right defense law firm can:

With the help of an aggressive defense lawyer, you can have the consequences that you face minimized - or even have your charges dropped or dismissed altogether. The sooner we are working on your case, the better, so please reach out today to discuss your arrest and charges.

Speak with a Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Immediately

All criminal offenses in Texas are serious matters and have the potential to ruin your holidays. If you were arrested, you should not wait to speak with a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney at the law office of Kyle Whitaker. We know how to stand up for the rights of accused criminal defendants, and we can minimize the consequences that you face.

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